Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Books: Juliet in August

Juliet in August by Dianne Warren -- I love this book! It is a simple story about a small town, Juliet,Saskatchewan, over the course of one night and one day in August. The characters are so loveable. They have the regular human foibles that we all possess... not understanding each other, feeling hurt that we are misunderstood, falling in and out of love, wondering where our lives are leading, what might have been, and working through our hum drum days as well as the exciting ones.

It's a very readable, human story. Since I finished the book, I have been thinking a lot about the various characters.

Definitely 5 stars.

I think you know I love to read. I also love photography. I found the coolest blog that combines these two loves: it's mostly photos of people reading on the NY Subway system. Here's a link:

Underground New York Public Library

I was mesmerized by these photos and stayed up too late looking at them. Neat photography, and I was impressed with the wide range of books being read.

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