Saturday, January 05, 2013

So Many Ways to Help -- Quilts Needed!

I love to make quilts to give away, to provide comfort and happiness to those who receive the quilts. Every time I hear about a new collection of quilts for people in need, I want to join in. I sometimes promise more than I can deliver. Today I am providing you with a short list of places that need our help.. can you make some quilts to donate to any of the following? There are so many needs; we have to work together to accomplish the goals. I hope you can help, and also help spread the word.

200 quilts for Sandy Hook first responders The first responders at Sandy Hook experienced direct and vicarious trauma just by doing their jobs. Let's thank them by giving each one a beautiful quilt.

1500 quilts for Happy Chemo One can order a box to be sent to anyone you know who is going through chemo. The box includes a beautiful quilt along with special deals for other cancer-related items and information about resources.
communicate your desire to help with Em's Scrap Bag
She pledged 1500 quilts and needs help reaching that total.

Margaret's Hope Chest has several projects going; this year's new project is quilts for new moms who are being treated for post-partum depression.

a father holds his child who is wrapped in a Wrap-a-Smile quilt

If you like to make quilts for kids, Wrap a Smile may be just for you! Wrap a Smile sends quilts with Rotary volunteer groups who travel around the world performing free cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries for kids. Each kid who goes through surgery gets a quilt after surgery, and it's a quilt to keep. Be sure to watch the inspirational video on the linked Wrap a Smile page. Terry is its founder and is a tireless WAS quilt enthusiast. The need here is on-going, as Rotary sends medical teams out almost every month of the year. Each team needs about 130 quilts.

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