Sunday, January 13, 2013

No to the "Shoulds" -- Yes to "I Wanna"

The weekend is coming to a close; I enjoyed my weekend activities. I managed to avoid anything tedious such as cleaning. I pampered myself and just did what I wanted to do all weekend. (I know, I'm spoiled.)

On Friday a friend and I went on a road trip to shop in a quilt store that was having a sale. Also, she had a gift certificate to spend. I knew I didn't need any fabric, but I caved and bought some. It was so beautiful and on sale, after all. It was raining, in January -- weird for Minnesota weather. We did not encounter any ice on our trip, although just north of there I understand they experienced some bad ice on roads and had cancelled school and even closed the freeway. We lucked out.

The cold came swooping in, and I spent the rest of the weekend warm and inside. I think the highs this weekend were around a balmy 12 deg. F on both Saturday and Sunday (is that around -10 deg. C?) So you can see why I stayed inside.

I sewed and sewed, did a little knitting, and wrote a letter. That's about all I did! I did not even open up one book (disappointing). I managed to NOT do the sewing I should be getting done for our guild's upcoming quilt show. The "oh this looks like fun" projects are so much more compelling than the "should get this done" projects. So here is what I did:

Made a table runner - spur of the moment, very impulsive - I just started sewing and it turned into this:

It's almost done; I am still working on quilting it. I decided to turn it pillow-style instead of using a binding, because I didn't want to cover up the cool fabric that is in the borders. (That is some of the loot I bought on Friday.)

Made blocks for Sunshine. TS will turn these into lovely quilts. The Ohio Star is my go-to block, kind of my signature block. I love to make it and almost always include at least one Ohio Star in my monthly Sunshine blocks.

Today, Sunday, I slept in and skipped church. It was so nice to stay cuddled in a warm bed instead of venturing out into the frozen wasteland.

And instead of the "should" projects, this is what I worked on today and while watching "Downton Abbey" :

I was putting away some fabrics and realized that a couple of my scrap bins are overflowing again. I love the randomness of grabbing and sewing them together. So I played with reds instead of finishing up quilt show projects. After all, there is always tomorrow! Right?

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Pattilou said...

It's always a treat to see what you have going on! Love your sunshine blocks and those reds just look inviting!