Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sister K!

Today is my sister's birthday. She is 65 years old! I think she would let me say that out loud.

K. has always been great at the things I can't do well. From an early age she was a good seamstress. She used to make doll clothes for me, and not from a pattern -- just from being creative. While we were growing up, K. was the one who helped Mom with sewing and cooking. I did not learn that stuff well - just wasn't interested - but was envious of K's skills.

She still is a skilled whirling dervish in the kitchen. She's a great cook and hostess. She can throw a good party at a moment's notice.

K. had her three kids before I had any of mine, and I was so glad! I got to watch her raise her babies, and learn from her. When mine came along, I felt much more confident about how to be a mom, from watching K's example. (Never quite reached her level of Mom Mastery, but.. who is surprised by that?!)

She's also an excellent seamstress. When I took up quilting, I knew she would, too, because she would be intrigued by the fabrics and colors. She was fabulous at quilting immediately. But she hasn't had time for quilting in recent years, because she opened a bookstore in her town. She does that really well, too. She's the energizer bunny, running a great shop, promoting literacy and books all over town, loves to read, loves to talk about books, and I've seen her make sales based on her enthusiasm for books.

Outside of sewing, cooking, and reading/selling books, she is an enthusiastic supporter of the arts and of education. She has chaired a million different groups and boards and organizations. She's good at that kind of thing. She and her hubby have left a very positive mark on the town where they live, making contributions to art festivals and musical events, helping to fund-raise for the schools and help get an important school levy passed, among many other things they do for the town.

You can guess that I'm proud of my sister. She's talented and energetic. Compared to her I'm kind of a goofball and can't do many things right. When I visit her house, I always leave something behind, because I'm scattered and forgetful. But she seems to like me anyway.

So today I wish my oldest Sisty Ugler a very happy 65th birthday! (I'm the youngest, and there is a middle sister, too, and a brother... some day I'll write about them, too.) K., I hope you learn all you can about Medicare, because when it's my turn to get on it, I'll need someone to tell me what it all means.

Eat some cake today in honor of my sister, K.

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