Wednesday, May 02, 2012


I haven't been around much for my regular, or should I say random, ramblings. I am thrilled that it is now the month of May, because April was too, too busy. Whew! That's all done! What a relief!

pretty flowers assuring us that spring is here to stay

I had multiple obligations at church, meetings, a lot of work hours, a district-wide meeting which required lots of organizing work before, during and after, plus a fund-raising dinner to attend (that's where I got the gorgeous quilt photographed in my previous post). A lot of these things were fun, but they took my time and energy.

before banquet/fund-raiser began

April was just too full of big events. Now that it's May I can relax!

knitting with giant needles (size 19) goes really fast - I knit a whole scarf while watching a couple episodes of Downton Abbey

Work is going well. I am still trying to sort out which work shifts I prefer. We can pretty much work when we want to, so most people try a variety of shifts before they settle into their preferred pattern. I have decided I prefer days, but now I'm still wrangling with whether to work two full days and then have five off, or to work a few tiny shifts but then have to work more days of the week.

Since the job is rather intense, and the work is steady and tiring, I can't work more than about 5 hours in a day. Most of us do about that, and a few who are "the machines" do more, but not many. It's the nature of the work that makes it tough to do more than 5 or 6 in a day.

Right now I'm in a pattern of two five-hour days per week. I know that sounds ideal to those who are working full time. But things are different in retirement, and I'm still not sure I like giving up five whole hours of my time (plus travel and meal times) in one swoop.

I have fascinating things to mull over, don't I? Most people wish for problems like mine.

When I am not working, I get to do fun stuff such as go out to a movie or to eat on a whim, read when I want to, watch the entire Season One of Downton Abbey, spend some time buying doodads to make and deliver a May Basket, take a walk, and visit exhibits here and there. Tough life, isn't it?!

I caved and started reading The Hunger Games. After seeing the movie, I was curious. I'm enjoying the book. Though the serious nature of the story had me a tad hesitant beforehand, I have found it to be fun and entertaining. I can see how teens would LOVE the book. I know I would have as a teenager. It's the perfect mix of romance and adventure and a strong female character. I'm even curious to read the next in the trilogy, to see what happens.

That's my crazy life...lumping along doing my usual, having some fun, sometimes getting tired, sometimes feeling sorry for myself, and sometimes recognizing that I have a wonderful life. I guess that sounds just about normal, doesn't it?


Sextant said...

Well I have to give you are willing to work 10 more hours a week than I am. I rather love not working. Maybe too many years of 60 to 80 hour weeks...not always, but often enough.

AnnieO said...

April is over, yay! Glad you made it through and had the big finish at the end :) Hope you sort out your work schedule. I'd consider the travel time and gas related to working a tiny bit every day, but then, I live where gas prices are about $1 higher than elsewhere in the country.

My girls got me into The Hunger Games, which I enjoyed a lot. Very fast paced and good characters. However, on the sober side, it makes me think of North Korea and other dictatorships who sacrifice their people for power. Haven't seen the movie yet--younger DD has vowed to drag me to it.

Beth said...

Ha ha about Hunger caved which is good!

Jan Mac said...

I can so relate to your thoughts about working. I'm semi-retired too but have been enjoying working more hours lately and it helps pay for my hobbies. LOL. I also caved in and I'm now on the 3rd Hunger Games book. It's not one I'd normally read but I've enjoyed it and when i finished the 2nd I had to start the 3rd immediately. Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Loved to hear that you caved to the Hungers Games. I caved, too. I bought them for my granddaughter and just decided to join her in her adventure.

Nice pic of your knitting! You're creative with your photos.