Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Round of Voting (#394.. Hint Hint!)

This is #394!

Voting has begun at the Bloggers' Quilt Festival 2012..... votes can happen May 22-25. It's a little bit easier to see all the quilt photos at the Flickr site. Here's a link to that:

However, you need to know the quilt's number, which you get from the thumbnails here (scroll way down to the Linkys, and you'll see the thumbnails.) To make it easy, of course, you can just vote with the #394 which I conveniently provided for you. But just in case, here are all the quilts with their numbers:


Here is an easy link to the ballot.

If you want to vote for mine, it is #394. My quilt qualifies for the following categories:
Bed Quilt
Pieced Quilt
Professionally Quilted

and I think there is Viewers' Choice, also.

This is shameless begging for votes, but what the heck. It would make me happy if I get more than one or two votes. That's all I hope for. Of course, you can vote your own conscience/preference/opinion!! There are zillions of quilt entries, and they are fabulously gorgeous. Have fun looking.

This round of votes picks the finalists, then there will be a 2nd round of voting. Thanks for the nice comments I've received so far! I appreciate people checking it out.


BrendaLou said...

you got my votes!

joe tulips said...

Hint taken and the job is done. Beautiful quilt!

Sextant said...

Best damned quilt there. I voted.

Don't tell the lads, my membership in the male gender will be revoked. Depending on the method of revoking, it could get unpleasant.

Nann said...

I voted for #394!