Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Good Guild Meeting

We had a good guild meeting tonight... shared some fun, some laughs, and some beautiful quilts.

First we had a "bed-turning" with quilts that had a story. Most were older quilts made by various family members; it's fun to hear about the emotional ties people have to quilts. They are so much more than just blankets and are treasured by those who inherit them. Often we don't know the stories behind the quilts and wish we could ask questions of the maker who is now in heaven. It's a good reminder to document what we make, in hopes that in years to come someone will still treasure our creations and will be happy to know their stories.

We have had a sizeable library in our guild over the years, but it wasn't used often enough to justify lugging the books back and forth. We decided to auction off what was left of the books. It was quite fun. Each book started at $1 and went up from there. The popular books went for as much as $13, and some were lucky to get a good book for $1-2. I came home with two interesting books for a total of $8. I hope they don't just sit in a pile, unused, like so many of my quilting books! That's another goal I have during retirement: try to use some of my books and patterns.

Show and tell, as always, was a beautiful sight to behold.

I believe Karen is about to start one of ellen's Dance Dares behind Sally!

One of our community service projects is to make quilts for Bundles of Love which gives quilts, booties, hats, and diaper bags to families that can't provide much for their newborns. A couple of our guild members took this on and helped produce kits for us to make. Lots of people participated, and next month we will present our quilts to Bundles of Love and to another organization for which we made bed quilts.

This pattern is a cute one that is quick, easy, and looks quite different depending on the fabrics one uses. I brought this one home to bind it. I wanted to share the picture for your use, if you are interested.. simple rows of fabric (in this one, parts from a panel) and rows of 4-patches are all that's needed to make a cute and quick quilt for a kid. I may borrow this idea myself for other projects I like to support.

Our guild is feeling re-energized after a year of some struggles...... we are now back to life and going strong. It feels good to be back in business.


Sextant said...

Damned quilts, what can I say. I like the one with the big tree in the center, second photo.

BrendaLou said...

Tell Sally I love her quilt!