Monday, May 21, 2012

My New Crown

no, not that kind!

About a month ago I got a new crown; after my dental work was done, I had the worst taste in my mouth. It has persisted for a long time. I wasn't satisfied with what my dentist said was wrong, so I checked the World Expert: Google.

I think what happened was, when I got the numbing shot(s), I experienced some nerve damage which affected my tongue. One side of my tongue has been kind of dead feeling.. not exactly dead, but semi-tingly, and the taste buds are all screwed up. I also think it is minimally affecting part of my salivation system over in that same area.

yes, this kind!

It hasn't gone away, but most days it seems maybe just a tad better. (Unless I tell someone it's getting better, and then it gets worse -- I better be prepared for a horrible tomorrow.) It's weird. Food just doesn't taste normal these days. I usually try to drink with a straw, and sip the liquids into the other side of my mouth - the side where the taste buds are normal. But the food and drink can't help but go all over, and the taste is just weird. In addition, there is a little salivation spigot over there that I can't turn off. It runs down onto the weirdly-tasting tongue, so I constantly have this odd/icky taste in my mouth. (This makes me feel really sexy, as you can imagine.)

You'd think I could lose some weight, with food tasting so strange, but No! What is my response? To eat more, in my never-ending quest to find the food that will taste good, linger, and cover up the weird taste in my mouth as long as possible! So I'm getting fatter instead of thinner.

Chocolate pudding has worked the best so far. So these days I'm living on Everything Else (hoping something will taste good)followed by chocolate pudding.

Are any of my readers dentists? Does this sound plausible? From what I read on the internet, this sounds like the most reasonable explanation for my symptoms. I just hope that nerve (or those nerves, as the case may be) eventually heal, and I get my usual taste sensation back.


Marei said...

Carol you have me laughing out loud because I HAVE BEEN THERE!! Eat something, not tasty. Hmmm, let me eat something else that might taste better. No. Well, let me eat something ELSE that might be Ok, eat ICE CREAM. Yeah! That's me. And I know what you mean about the situation improving until you tell someone. It always happens that whatever was improving gets worse as soon as you tell someone. Why does that happen?? Anyway, I hope your "mouth" gets back to normal soon, before you have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe!

Elaine Adair said...

I am going to say the SAME THING as Marei (above) -- by all means keep trying something else that might taste better. OH my, I think you have "hit" on to something of value here. NOTHING tastes like it used to - are we ALL looking for it, yet NOTHING is even made the same way -- or can I use that dental thought/result as the reason I keep looking for something "good".?? Your post seems to BEG for more investigation, doesn't it? Very interesting post.