Friday, February 19, 2010

Standing Up for Rights

Politics in Minnesota: I am really incensed!

Good news: A bill to extend health coverage for the poorest residents of Minnesota passed by a huge margin in BOTH the House and the Senate! 125 to 9 in the House, 47 to 16 in the Senate. This means most of Minnesota's legislators (both parties) knew the proper thing to do.

Bad news: Gov. Pawlenty is going to veto it!!!!!

Does he have any ethical integrity??? I am flaming mad. Today I called my legislator and my senator and urged them to vote to override a veto.

If you live in Minnesota, can you please take a minute or two to stand up for the rights of our poorest residents? Can you call or e-mail your legislator and senator and demand that they vote to override the veto? Please??

This needs to be done soon.

If you are not incensed yet, read what the Human Services Commissioner (a crony of Pawlenty's) said about cuts to the poor: the state's poorest residents need to rely on "ingenuity" after cash aid ends. OMG. I am getting sick.

Here is where you can find out who your legislators are:

Click on "find out who represents you". It's that easy. Your fellow citizens will thank you.


Jill said...

Hey Carol,

I just sent emails to Rep Hansen and Senator Metzen. Thanks for blogging about this.

Nanci said...

I just can't imagine not having health care coverage. I am due for hip surgery soon. sure we may wait a bit for surgery, but essential surgeries are given priorities..
I hope there is a new Governor next election!
Imagine...and he has 100% health care coverage!
It's like all those people in Washington...they have health care coverage...yeah.