Monday, February 08, 2010

Quilts and Snow - Lots of Each!

Uffda! Will it ever stop snowing?? It's beautiful, but give-us-a-break! The driving is horrible. One lovely bonus is that Dear Daughter decided to stay at our place tonight, as it is a shorter drive here from her job than to her place. Fun!! I love having her around for the evening. (We watched "The Bachelor" together. I hate to admit it, but I do watch that extremely stupid show.) Newsflash! She fixed my messed-up knitting! Hooray! I'm back in business!

Meanwhile, I've had a few quilts come across my lap and have finished a couple, too. I had a nice chunk of sewing time on Sunday. I love to sew while watching football on TV. I cheered for the Saints! Great game! Was disappointed in the ads and didn't like the degrading way women were treated in so many of them. Why are we letting things slip back to what we fought against in the past??

Anyway, on Saturday we did set-up for our annual quilt show. We have a little store along with our show, and I bought these three pieces at the store, to give to Sunshine. The first one was $10 and the last two were $8 each.

I have lots of pictures of the quilt show, but it's already past my bedtime, so I'll have to share those on another day.

Tomorrow -- another snowy day, another hard-earned dollar!

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Beth said...

it wasn't too bad out this morning! love the quilts have fun to a 7am meeting hiphooray!