Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is This Avatar or Top Gun?

I went to see the movie, "Avatar." I was alone in the middle of the day. I walked into the theater and was the only person there! I thought it would be so cool if I had the entire theater to myself and had a private viewing of the movie. After a while another ten or 12 people did join me, so I had to share.

Have you seen "Avatar?" What did you think? I loved the 3-D effect! I got used to the glasses right away and forgot I had them on. The 3-D-ishness was very cool!

I was not so impressed with the story line. It was just a glorified cowboys and Indians show, with a mix of Top Gun (an awful lot of flying fight scenes!) and even Dances With Wolves (white man from hostile society befriends and becomes one with an indigenous group who are being pushed aside).

I wish someone would come up with a novel approach some day. A new story line... a whole new concept. What if we earthlings began to explore the universe and decided to be nice for once? What if we found a planet that is inhabited and decided to come peacefully, learn all about the new culture and the new environment and learn how to get along with both?

Not enough drama in that story line? I think a good screenwriter could make it so. After all, there is plenty of drama in real life, everyday situations. When encountering a new society and new world, there would be a LOT going on, intentionally and unintentionally. A good writer can talk about the mundane and move us to tears.

I'm waiting for the thinking-woman's version of "Avatar." Maybe it will take a woman to write such a script.


Jo said...

Carol, I was not impressed either, and yet it will win best picture.

Another movie called "A Serious Man" is also nominated, and I thought it was wonderful. Different, but wonderful.


Kat said...

I totally agree...I thought it was like Fern Gully on steroids. Minus the funny bat. The graphics were cool, but even the acting was pretty meh for me. Sigourney Weaver wasn't even that great in it...but that might have been a result of the complete turn-off that the forced "where's my cigarette" line that clearly had been written in the 80s and not touched since. Seriously, who does that anymore, especially in the movies?


Anonymous said...

C, Ironic!!! I went to a movie, too in the middle of the day. I went alone and was there by myself feeling like Orphan Annie without Daddy Warbucks. But, then in walked a couple other folks. Not as many as ten, but even one more makes a person not alone in the theater. . . but I didn't go to Avatar.

Patrick said...

I have the theater to myself every fifth or sixth movie I go to. I like that for the dramas and thrillers but with comedies, the more the merrier.

My reaction upon walking out of "Avatar" was quite similar to yours, especially the Great White Savior part - hardly surprising since we've been reinforcing each other's opinions for almost 40 years - but I dewlt on the inevitable conclusion: the bad guys would go home with their tales between their legs and no doubt come back with bigger, badder weapons. The Na'vi are extinct and don't know it.