Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Weekend Gone

The weekend is rushing toward its end. As usual, I have not accomplished all that I would like to get done in a weekend.

Saturday morning I attended a retreat of our church leaders. Now that I'm UMW Prez I am a church leader again. I actually like these meetings and missed being involved in them when I was not in a leadership position.

Saturday night I decided that Charles and I needed to go on a date. We headed out to a western suburb to have dinner and see a movie. Our restaurant of choice was way too busy, so we ended up at a fast-food style Chinese place which was yummy and not crowded. After a thrilling stop at Home Depot (I opened up a folding step stool to sit on and watch people while Charles picked out bolts), we headed to the movie, "Blind Side." It has been out for a while, so we had to go out of our usual neighborhood to find it still in a theater.

I loved it! Even though it is about a football player, I loved the story. It's the kind of "good deed" I have dreamed about doing. For a while we had decided we would adopt a teenager. Then we decided not to. I love and totally believe the mom's sentiment that her new son helped her much more than she helped him.

Sunday: church. It was a friendly and loving atmostphere today. We have really grown and changed as a congregation in the last few years. It is a much more vibrant place, and we are doing things. I love that.

Today I've been knitting, sewing, and wishing I had more time to do more of those. Also I need to go over some of my UMW paperwork, make some phone calls (my least-liked chore of all), and I wish I had time to sit down and read. AND Charles and I will watch "Amazing Race" together. It's our one "together TV show."

Before you know it, the alarm clock will be blasting, and we'll be rolling out of bed to face another week of work. Sometimes a blessing (a job, ability to pay bills, a focus and structure to my week) can be a nemesis (takes so much time and energy, it's hard to do the other stuff I love). I guess that's not news to most of my readers.

This week may you enjoy your nemesis!


Beth said...

yes phone calls! thanks!

Nanci said...

being healthy is such a blessing! This weekend is the end of the Olympics here in Canada, we just won the gold medal in hockey, although for me curling and speed skating is more fun!
Next week we too are back to normal, no skiers, no bobsled, no amazing women skiing down hills at break neck speed. Life will return to normal too!