Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Knitters on a Mission

Our church is sending a mission team for a week of work at Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. We'll go in June. Tonight we had our first organizational meeting.

As we went around the circle introducing ourselves, we discovered three knitters, and one who needs a little support getting started. I overheard one knitter offering to help the novice.

Can you picture it? After our work day on the reservation, at least four of us will be sitting around knitting! It adds another fun dimension to the experience!

I found the above photo at EcoWomen: Protectors of the Planet. They search for organic yarn or recycled yarn. I am going to look further into that information. Apparently this photo is of a particular type of recycled yarn... and it's so beautiful! Our knitting will brighten up the rez!


Unknown said...

Fun! I am going to hone up on my basic skills and then you or Kathy can get me reading patterns!

Anonymous said...

That's WONDERFUL! What a great knitting circle that will be!

Megs said...

Hmmm... I won't be joining the knitting circle. Knitting drives me batty. But I'll untangle your knotted yarn! ;)