Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Book Review: Estonia

When the Doves Disappeared by Sofi Oksanen is a book about Estonia. It takes place during the change of regimes; first Estonia was taken over by Soviets, then Germany, then, at the end of WWII, back to Soviet rule. It was an eye-opening book. I knew only a very small bit of Estonia's history. This one follows several characters through the years of change and upheaval. There are times of despair, hope, turmoil, and uncertainty.

Though it took me a while to read this book, I rate it highly. It was a little complicated and a tad depressing.. about a long and dark period of Estonia's history. Nevertheless it was an enlightening and interesting book. We here in the USA sometimes forget how lucky we are to have the freedoms we do: to speak our minds, behave as we wish, and feel free from sudden removal from our homes.

If you read this, I recommend making a list of the characters as they are introduced, and how they are related or intertwined. This will help you keep track of people as the years and events go by.

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