Monday, August 07, 2017

Iceland Part Four

(1-5)visiting a national park; the four women are me and three others who are all members of the same guild, Minnesota Contemporary Quilters
(6)a geyser
(7-11)gorgeous waterfalls; see the rainbow?
(11)a salmon ladder

(1-5)a stop at Gudrun's mother's house; she served us Icelandic doughnuts, and then fermented shark followed by a shot of Black Death. Now I can say I've eaten fermented shark, and I can also say I will never do so again.

(1)2:00 AM - it's really not as dark as it appears in this photo. It is just dark enough for city lights to come on. This is from our hotel room in Reykjavik. The Harpa Concert Hall is streaming colors across its front. It's an award-wining and very interesting building that reflects pretty lights off its fa├žade during the day.
(2)a pretty,quilt-like sidewalk in Reykjavik
(3)sculpture along the waterfront
(4)our hotel in Reykjavik

(1-2)Workshop with Icelandic quilters was so much fun. This is four Americans with our Icelandic table-mate, Jona. She gave us each a skein of yarn which she hand-dyed - two with moss and two with rhubarb. I got a rhubarb skein. I must plan something very special to knit. The second photo is one of the Icelanders during show and tell.
(3-4)visit and soak at Blue Lagoon
(5)S.knitting while waiting for our flight home
(6)late addition photo from friend M., is me feeling jubilant after finishing a tough hike

(1-3)During the flight home I had a window seat, and I got this great view of Greenland as we flew over it.

(1)flying over Newfoundland, Canada
(2)modeling my souvenir sweater from Iceland


Quiltdivajulie said...

What an incredible experience. Thank you for sharing the photos!

Alice Turcotte said...

Thanks for sharing. I think I'd like to go.

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoying your Iceland posts! I have't been there, but it's on my bucket list. In the meantime, I do knit with Icelandic wool from time to time. Thanks for sharing your trip!