Sunday, August 06, 2017

Iceland Part Three

Samples of beautiful Iceland scenery along with a cute kid enjoying some ice cream.

(1)B.emerges from a cave which is at the site of this fissure. Water is running inside this cave. (She wished she could put a rubber ducky in the river, and someone somewhere would find a rubber ducky floating along... haha!)
(2)Fissure opened up over time due to earthquakes between the years of 1975-1984. This is where the American plate and the European-Asian plate are separating.
(3)I am standing on both sides of the planet: one foot on the American plate, the other foot on the European-Asian plate.

Members of our tour group doing the straddling of the earth's tectonic plates. - photo by GEG

(1-2)This crater happened during a 1700s volcano eruption. One hundred years later the water was still boiling. Now in 2017 the water is cold.
(3)Icelandic horses are unique. They can do a gait that no other horses do. It is called Tolt (umlaut over the o). It carries the rider in a very smooth ride, no bumping up and down. She is showing that she can carry a full glass of beer during the Tolt, but during a trot, the beer spills all over.

One more post coming -- see Iceland Part Four.

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Quiltdivajulie said...

Absolutely gorgeous scenery!!!