Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hey! I'm Back!

Howdy! Did you miss me?? I have been away and too busy to post. Hubby and I went to Nebraska to see the total eclipse (beyond awesome!), and then extended our tour of America by visiting Colorado. On the way there and back we also set foot in Iowa, South Dakota, and Wyoming. We had a blast! It is taking me a while to get pictures all sorted, so for now I'm going to show you some random (well, only sort of random) quilt pictures. These should hold you until I can get back here and post the pictures of our trip.

(1) a quilt top I made before we left on our vacation
(2) a giraffe quilt hanging in a shop in northern Minnesota - lovely, isn't it??
(3) two quilts I recently sent to Wrap-a-Smile for kids getting cleft lip/cleft palate surgery
(4) a quilt thrown cavalierly on the lawn at my church, with no one watching it, but waiting patiently for an evening event to occur. I don't know whose it is or who made it.

We saw some quilts and quilt shops on our trip, and I will share that information with you when I get some hours to work on the photo-sorting task.

It's good to be back home!

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