Thursday, August 03, 2017

Iceland Part Two

(1)Icelanders love to swim. Even tiny towns usually have an outdoor pool, heated by the natural geothermal hot waters of the earth. They use these pools year-round.
(2)A yummy lunch of lamb soup and rolls. I loved the bread in Iceland! Oh, so yummy, and it inspired me to start making home-made bread like I used to do.
(3)Friends Sally and Maureen. Notice the lovely weather we enjoyed. We were told that it was by far the nicest weather they'd had so far this summer. Most days the high was in the low 60s. I often got hot from hiking and walking so much, but evenings cooled down beautifully and wearing a jacket or sweater was in order. Also, depending on where one goes, it could suddenly be very cold and a person would need mittens and a hat! We stopped at a huge waterfall where this was the case. It was VERY windy there, and cold. But just a half kilometer down the road, it was not windy, and the temperature was much warmer.
(4-5)random pretty views
(6)four friends at a quilt shop (wow, fabric there is very expensive.. in our money, about $22-24 per meter).

(1)trolls in Aukureyri.. the troll folklore is a big part of their tradition
(2)Icelandic sweaters. They are beautiful and are sold everywhere. Yes, I bought one. Also bought mittens and a hat.
(3)a church in Aukureyri
(4)our hotel outside Aukureyri.. it used to be a chicken processing shed or chicken barn, or something about chickens.

This sequence of photos was taken from about 10:30 to 11:30 PM. I don't think the sun ever went lower than it is pictured here. It then starts rising as it moves along the horizon to the right. It was odd and fun to experience 24-hour sunlight. It got dusky at night, but never dark.

Check back in for Iceland Part Three in a day or two!

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So much beauty there!