Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Mood Continues...

It's true! I'm still in the mood to do my own quilting! Since posting Monday's photo I have quilted two more tops. One is made using some of the fabric from Kenya that Terry distributed for some unique Wrap-a-Smile quilts. This one was made a while ago, but I finally got it quilted just this week.

I forgot to photograph the backing fabric. It is a cute animal fabric and is very soft.

Last Monday's squares quilt and this next squares quilt were made after I rummaged around and found some piles of donated squares. One pile was 6.5" squares (Monday's quilt) and another pile was 6" squares (today's quilt). They're not exciting, but I hope some kids will find them interesting. There are some cute novelty prints for them to look at... and at least they're warm which is one important aspect of quilts!

Both of these quilts are going to Wrap a Smile along with Monday's quilt... kids undergoing cleft lip/cleft palate surgery will get these quilts.

The biggest miracle is that my mood to quilt is still going strong! I have a couple more simple quilts on the design wall and hope to get them completely done in the next few days! I'm just going to keep going while the mood is with me, and not ask any questions!


BarbCarol said...

Nice work. I am going to start making "Fidget Quilts" for Alzheimer's patients out of my not so great-looking quilts.
I have a FEW.

Anonymous said...

Some child will love all those bright prints! Isn't it great to like the full range of quilting options?