Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More Sewing as One Quilt Travels to Uganda

I have been making quilts for Wrap a Smile (WAS) for many years. WAS gives quilts to kids around the world who are having cleft lip surgery. The Rotary chapter which sponsors WAS has announced that they are looking into working with an orphanage in Uganda. They are hoping to send 260 quilts to the orphanage. Someone is going to Uganda soon and will be discussing the plans with the orphanage; she is taking along a quilt to show them an example of what would be coming... and the quilt she is carrying as the sample is one I made!! Pretty exciting, eh? All because I have been donating to WAS over the years, the connections happened just right so that my quilt is taking an exciting journey. This is the one on its way to Uganda:

Some of the fabric in this quilt is from Kenya. It's truly an international quilt!

Amazingly, WAS already has enough quilts on hand so that they won't have to do a special appeal for orphanage quilts. It'll just be the logistics they'll have to figure out.

Of course, we'll continue making quilts for WAS's coffers so that the kids in surgery don't miss out on quilts.

I have been churning out tops for WAS, and I hope my quilting bug returns so that I can finish them soon.

And in other sewing, I have done these small projects:

1) I finished the table runner made from French fabrics. Well... fabrics purchased in France, anyway. Apparently they are technically not French fabrics. But, I'm pretty sure they speak French, so I'll be parlez-vous-ing with them regularly.

2) Someone gave me scraps.. maybe ML? ... and among them were these little squares. Just the right number to make a little doll blankie. Ta-da!

We are having GORGEOUS weather.. not too hot or humid, just perfectly gorgeous. I read for a while outside; now I am sewing with my windows open. Heavenly!

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