Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Books: Through Black Spruce

Through Black Spruce by Joseph Boyden (same author of the 5-star book I read two weeks ago, The Orenda) - The first half of this book was excellent. It was captivating, and I was eager to keep reading. Each chapter is the story as seen from three or four different people's perspectives. It intertwines more as the story goes on. I like this style. It was well-written and off to an excellent start. I liked the characters; the story had a bit of intrigue.

The second half was disappointing. It started to drag; I really wanted the resolution to hurry up and happen. Certain actions taken by the characters (e.g., Annie spending time in the cities) I did not enjoy at all. It took too long to wrap things up. By the end of the book, I was relieved it was over and I could go on to another book.

Too bad, after an excellent start. I'm giving it three stars for the redeeming qualities of the first half.

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BarbCarol said...

I will try the book you read earlier by that author. Thanks for the review.