Thursday, August 14, 2014

Six Tops for QBB

I now have six quilt tops ready to send to Quilts Beyond Borders. I am so thankful that they will accept tops, as finishing a quilt is what takes me and is stressful. I'm pretty sure you've seen all the quilts, except this one you only saw as a top-in-progress. Here it is, a completed top:

and here are all six, almost ready to go. Now I need to find the perfect box for shipping.

Today I started some volunteer work at my favorite non-profit, Ampersand Families. I have talked about them before. They help place older kids and teens in permanent adoptive homes. They are fabulous. I am doing simple office stuff to help out... scanning, and database updates. They're too busy to do it all themselves. Since I can't give them a gigantic financial contribution, at least I can help ease the paperwork burden a little bit.

I love being retired and having the freedom to do this. Have I mentioned that before? Retirement rocks!

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