Saturday, August 09, 2014

I'm Sewing Again!

After an interest slump and also being busy with summer travels and Mom-in-hospital bouts, I am finally back to sewing. It is fun being prolific again. I'll show you some things that are not even done yet, because I have so much fun at the design and create stage.

blocks for Sunshine... a Get Well card...

another block for Sunshine.. a couple blocks for Halloween... a small doggy or kitty bed (upholstery fabric filled with sewing scraps)

two tops for Quilts Beyond Borders... the first one, made of 4-patches, still needs borders... the second one is made from the community service block pattern that my guild is making during the rest of 2014.

a small quilt (12" x 16") for the bathroom at church... the previous one I made was stolen!

still on the design wall.. I'm deciding which rows to sew snugly together and which places will have a neutral stripe for resting of eyes. This is also destined for Quilts Beyond Borders

I'm doing a Quilts Beyond Borders push right now, because they are calling for quilts for kids who are refugees from the war in Syria. If you want to join in the donations to QBB (they do a variety of drives, mostly for under-served children outside of the USA), check their blog here:


BarbCarol said...

Kiddos to you for getting back to sewing, but especially for supporting Beyond Borders. I am not familiar with that, so thanks for the link.

antique quilter said...

happy to see you quilting again. love the sign for the bathroom. Always love seeing your quilts in progress as well as finished quilts. thanks for the link I had not heard of them before.

Carol E. said...

Glad I could provide information about QBB for a couple potential contributors. :-)