Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thoughts on a Sunday

Thank you SO MUCH to all who left comments and even made donations to Ampersand Families. I can hardly believe I've posted 1,000 times here at my blog! The time has gone fast. Thanks for helping me celebrate by helping a fabulous organization.

I will send Ampersand Families one dollar for each comment as well as for each reaction: cool (1), gorgeous (1), and you rock (6). So I "owe" them $22, but I will round it up to $25. That means my little blog celebration netted $150 that I know of for Ampersand. That rocks, and it's because of fabulous and generous friends. THANKS!!

I've been super busy lately so haven't had much time for fun creativity. But I do have these pictures to share..

This quilt, above, was made a while ago, without any particular recipient in mind. Recently I gave it to a friend for her new grandchild and heard it was well received. Yay!

My guild's quilt show usually includes a small quilt auction, and I won two items. First this purse, below. I think it is so cool. It looks like it has umpteen divisions, but it really doesn't have that many. It's easy to understand, but looks complicated. Isn't it just pretty, pretty, pretty? The only thing I'd like different is wider handles.


an inside view

back - I love all the pockets

I also got a set of 4 placemats. They look so springy; maybe I can use them for Easter this year, depending on how many people may or may not be with us.

Yesterday I met with a friend for some knitting and sharing time and started this hat. Later I worked on it while watching a boring movie (The Good Shepherd), so I made great progress.

Today I slept late (really late) and skipped church. I haven't been sleeping well lately, and finally I got caught up. I feel good today. I plan to spoil myself and sew and/or knit all day long!

I do have a potential worry on my mind. My mom has been found to have cysts on her spine and is meeting with a neurosurgeon this week. The cysts are the source of her back and leg pain. I am crossing my fingers for a non-invasive and quick resolution.


Beth said...

Nice post Carol... Ampersand is worthy cause! Happy 1000 post...

Praying for your mom's health...

quiltmom said...

i Carol,
I have been busy with school work this past couple of weeks so I haven't been reading the blogs.
Congratulations on reaching 1000 posts.
Your purse is very fun - love the wonderfully bright colors.
Hope your sleep and your mom's health improves- Sending you warm positive thoughts,

J said...

Thanks again, Carol, for your support of Ampersand Families!!
- Jen Braun

Nanci said...

I've been away from reading blogs lately and see you have been busy.
You should have had 200 comments on this post! I love the little quilt you made. It's so bright and cheery.
Good for you to do charity the way you did.
Lovely lovely read today.