Thursday, March 03, 2011

God is Gracious, God is Good

A friend and her family have recently been through a major, life-altering experience. I didn't know a thing about it, but knew from various hints that something was going on. She told me about it recently, and I was floored. Really moved.

It was a shocking thing, yet joyful at the same time. I'm sorry I can't tell you what happened, because it's not my business to tell. But I'm feeling really overwhelmed with the emotions they have all been through.

The impactful thing is the support of friends and help from God. It amazes me to see this in action and to witness the ripple effect of doing God's love through hands-on work. It helps more than just one or two people who are on the receiving end. It even helps me as a listener and after-the-fact recipient of the love. God is gracious, God is good. Thank you, my friends who have shared this with me in many ways, directly and indirectly.

As for sewing and knitting, wow... I've been so busy I've barely had time to do my fun creative work. I did manage to make two more dish cloths. Some of us were asked to knit some for the church kitchen as they were down to only one dish rag. I had one done that I donated immediately, and then made these two.

Here's the conundrum: in the past I donated knitted dish rags to the church kitchen. Just slipped them into the drawer. Later I peeked, and they were gone. So when asked recently, I donated that one immediately and wondered if it would get used. Yesterday I looked in the drawer, and it was gone! There were only a few store-bought rags. Is someone helping herself (or himself) to the hand-knitted dish rags?? I have asked several people to help me knit some, but I don't want to have us do all the work just to pad someone's drawer at home. Not sure what to do about this.

Last night our book group went out for dinner together. It was lots of fun! These are some awesome and beautiful women! (That's me in the middle.)


tripletsgma said...

Try posting a note in the church kitchen, letting people know the new dish rags or intended for church use only.

antique quilter said...

maybe a note in the church bulletin announcing there has been a camera installed in the church kitchen to catch the DONATED dished rags to the church thief!!!!
ok you can say borrower
and post a reward poster in the kitchen for the return of the stolen ok "borrowed" dish rags.

how sad is this?
nice that you went out with your book club friends and had fun!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting dilemma! I hope you can figure out where the dish rags disappeared to.