Thursday, March 17, 2011

Springtime Sadness

I'm struggling with sadness. There seems to be a lot of it in my life lately.

The mess in Japan is really depressing. We have so many other disasters from which we are still reeling, such as Hurricane Katrina, the earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and New Zealand, floods in Pakistan, and now add Japan to the list. It feels overwhelming.

Today I found out that a woman at my church has been diagnosed with throat cancer. This is just too sad. I have no idea how treatable this has been declared. It's just sad and so ironic. She has a beautiful singing voice. What will happen??

Another woman at church has a brain tumor and is in really tough shape. They winter in Arizona, and it has been hard to be far away from her and her husband. They are both very well loved by all.

Today I also found out that a former student of mine (one of my all-time faves) is declining fast. She has a terrible disease from which we knew she would eventually die. Today we found out she is in a nursing home, basically sleeping all the time. She is only about 22 years old. I don't want to believe this is happening.

In my own life I have something that is potentially very sad. Can't talk about details right now. I have to wait and see what time reveals. It pretty much consumes my thoughts. Let me just say this: a mother hurts when her child hurts. We could use some prayers.

Praying for the world and for all the hurting individuals in it.

Gratitude list:
1) able to find some joy in life, even when I'm sad
2) my fabulous, supportive, kind husband
3) friends
4) family who love and support
5) beautiful sunshine and the return of spring


Beth said...

Oh Carol... sometimes life just is the pits... we have to hang onto the positives and hope for positive change.. if you need to talk let me know...if nothing else I do listen well...

paula, the quilter said...

Re: throat cancer. George Karl, the Denver Nuggets coach, just returned to work after battling that cancer. I have noticed that, yes, it has changed his voice a bit. Praying for you and your family.

Julie Sharer said...

Just sending you warm thoughts, prayers, hugs, and whatever else you need. You know I'm always here. Love you!

quiltmom said...

Life does sometimes feel overwhelming with things that have such challenges.. It is difficult not to get pulled down by our concerns for the world and for others.
Wishing you some new spring news that brings you some fun and laughter.
With warm thoughts,

Pattilou said...

My thoughts are with you and those you care about. Sometimes being a caring person means that you suffer with those that you care about. Warm hugs and wishes as you cycle throught these tough times.