Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quilting in Sorrow

The plan was to make a star quilt for a veterans' program. But as the deadline approaches, I realized I did not have the energy or gumption to tackle a bed-size star quilt. So I made this lasagna pattern instead. I tried to use guy colors. When I got it done, my husband liked it! (This is rare.) I'm not crazy about lasagna quilts, but apparently this will work OK for a guy. Maybe the quilting can include some stars. I just feel glad I got this done and can tick it off my long list of to-dos.

I also made this very simple little quilt to hang over my thread rack (to keep the thread from getting dusty and/or light-damaged). I used to just flop it there, and it was always falling off. It's nice to get it done. I put loops on the back so it can hang from two of the little dowel thingies and stay in place, even when I lift it up to access the thread. Small victory. Hooray!

This maybe was a crazy idea, but actually, it is making me feel less frazzled... I gathered up all my UFOs and I organized and counted them. I have a pile that will be for me or for family/friends, a pile that will be for charities, and a pile of random things I plan to make and try to sell at our church boutique next fall. The grand total of all these is 42. I was amazed that I had so many. But I'm already tackling them and trying to get them done. I quilted one last night and will soon finsih the binding. So... progress is good.

In other news, I'm tired of being sad. My under-eyes are sore from so many tears falling. Please pray for my family. I need acceptance and to learn to be a "calm center" (words from my wise pastor as to what my role should be -- I'm working on it). My son needs strength and wisdom to make a tough decision. A little happiness would be nice. Oh, and while you're at it, how about a good job for my son?

Last night I couldn't sleep. at all. I didn't even go to bed. I tried twice and lay there with my eyes wide open. So I thought, why not get up and get something done? I got up and did some dishes, then I worked on machine quilting. It was soothing to have a task that sort of kept my mind focused, and slowed down the jumble of sad thoughts that were crowding my brain. I was glad to realize how much it helped me.

Prayers and good vibes are still requested.

1. helpful and caring friends
2. a 90-year-old mom who is still sharp and spunky and loving
3. as always, my fabulous rock: my husband
4. beautiful blue skies today, with puffy white clouds. So pretty!
5. a nice walk through son's neighborhood, looking for a potential lunch spot (we ended up driving, but the walk was nice)
6. a very nice and delicious lunch with our son
7. scripture at church that spoke to me
8. people who are kind and gentle when I need to cry


AnnieO said...

Difficult times it seems, for you and your family! Sorry to hear your sadness prevails. I hope he can make the right decision for him, however painful it may be.

Your pile of UFOs is big but you have already made plans and that's a good thing. I hope concentrating on creating and showing love through your quilting will help you through this period.

quiltmom said...

Hi Carol,
It is satisfying to get things organized- even when there is a nice stack of things.
I struggle to deal with all the piles in my life sometimes. I have spent the last year of my life getting rid of lots of stuff that has been hanging around for years. Some places look lots better and others still need work- it is the way of de- cluttering I guess.
It looks like you have a gorgeous stack of quilts to finish.
I am sure that your son will find the best solution for him when he is ready. In the meantime, all one can do is support and love our children.
Hang in there - spring is soon here.
One blog you might enjoy is Tanglefrost( you may only be able to find Jo on facebook now but check on my blog list for her.
You can find me here:

Melissa Kaye said...

I've been thinking of you lately and your mentions of sadness. I hope that a smile returns to your face soon and that everything works out like you want it to.

Michele Bilyeu said...

A lot of us have been going through extra hard challenges. I can only hope we are all getting 'stronger and stronger' as we all walk our paths filled with sacrifices, choices, and loss. Big hug!!!

BrendaLou said...

remember in the middle of the night that I'm often on the computer until 1:30-2 am Pacific time. I'm always available for you. I realized that June will be here before we know it. I'm looking forward to coming, seeing you and purchasing a (sometimes) home in MN! I guess I'll have to have you give me some language lessons.
Hugs, BrendaLou

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Thinking of you and your family - prayers of peace and calm sent your way. I am impressed that you "faced" your UFOs. I take them out - instantly feel overwhelmed with the uncounted number of them, refold and quickly stuff them back into the overflowing laundry basket which lives under the end table in the family room. Spring is here and maybe I should tackle a may be a calm center for your family - but you are surely stirring things up here!