Sunday, March 06, 2011

90 Roses!

My mom turned 90 on Saturday, March 5, and we celebrated in a big way. It was loads of fun! Some of the grandchildren gave her 90 roses!

Mom dwarfed by roses.

Here she is with her sister who is a youngster of 85.

with some of her grandchildren (3 are missing); we failed to get a photo with her great-grandchildren who were right there in the room!

she was honored at the coffee hour at church on Sunday

Mom with her 3 girls.. our brother was not able to come

Of the original 25 in attendance at the party, there were still these 14 together at church on Sunday.

We had relatives from New York and Florida, and as many as could come from close by. A few couldn't make it, but we had 25 people to enjoy the good food, stories, and laughter.

One sister re-wrote the verses of one of Mom's favorite hymns, using the names of all the towns in which my mom has lived. It's a lot of towns! After we sang the hymn, Mom told us little memories and stories of each place she lived in, from playing on the "happy, sunny sidewalk" to retiring and settling down in the town where she now lives (the longest ever in one place).

Our relatives are mostly all accomplished musicians; you should hear us sing together. It was fabulous!! We sing parts and it's very impressive. We sang the blessing before our meal and one departing-hymn that sent chills down my spine. Just beautiful.

Mom is still sharp and lively. She is amazing. This week she has been having some problems with her legs, so she'll be visiting the doctor soon. She has diabetes and some heart issues, but in general she is doing great for her age. I'm so lucky and happy to still have her in my life.

Gratitude List:
1) my mom
2) funny, interesting, musical relatives
3) my aunt flying around on her new hip
4) good food
5) friends helping while I'm away
6) my daughter and my son
7) re-unions this week with both sides of our families
8) laughter
9) new pill boxes
10) roses


AnnieO said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! That's a great age to reach. What a fun party and gathering of relatives you gave her! She looks really happy.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to your mom. 90 roses! That's amazing. And your own daughter looks lovely as ever.