Friday, September 03, 2010

Vacation Fabulous-ness

Do I have to come back to reality? Hubby and I went on a vacation for the last week, and it was fabulous!! We had such a great time, and it was very relaxing. After a great vacation, it's hard to come back to real life!

First stop -- sister's lake home. We only got there in the evening and basically slept there, leaving by mid-morning the next day. This was our first home-away-from-home on our vacation. We decided to sleep out on the porch, something we have done for years because we love the breezes and the night sounds that we enjoy there.

Sunday we drove to far northern Minnesota, very close to the border with Canada, and stayed at Hayes Lake State Park. We had never been to the far northwestern part of Minnesota before. Our little cabin was very private, situated all by itself at the end of a 1.5-mile road, on the shores of Hayes Lake. We loved the privacy of the place. During our stay there it was quite hot. I'll confess that I took off my shirt to try to cool down, and it was so nice that no neighbors were around to see me.

long road to our private cabin site

There was a wonderful swimming beach there. I was shocked at how cold the water was! It almost hurt, it was that cold! But, oh boy, once a person got all wet and acclimated, it was supremely refreshing. We swam a couple of times, and the rest of the time we did a lot of reading, relaxing, taking naps which husband called "reading lying down." haha!

Tuesday we left Hayes Lake and drove for most of the day to the northeastern region of Minnesota. This time we stayed at Jay Cooke State Park. It's on the St. Louis River and very beautiful. There is no swimming beach there, but luckily, the weather turned cold, and we did not need to swim.

our cabin at Jay Cooke

Our days at Jay Cooke State Park were spent doing all the same arduous tasks we'd done at our previous stops: read, relax, eat, sleep, repeat.. with an occasional walk thrown in for good measure.

hubby cooking on his 40-year-old camp stove that still works like a charm

We came home today, Friday.. it's actually good to be home, but it was sad to see a great vacation come to an end. Our daily events were not note-worthy, but the whole vacation was so relaxing, and a fun time for both of us.

We still have the Labor Day weekend to enjoy at home and to get some chores done around here. One especially -- clean up the laundry room so the installers can put in our new washer and dryer!! Whee! I'm so excited.. they'll arrive on Tuesday.


Mama Drama Times Two said...

Doing "nothing" is a great way to spend vacation. I really like the pic of the clouds reflected against the water - Northern MN resembles Northern VT, though I bet the accents are a bit different.

No Diet Success said...

Your Vacation sounds wonderful. It is wonderful to take time to just relax and do what you WANT to do instead of what you NEED to do or HAVE to do.

We did a trip to Pigeon Forge Tennessee a few years your cabin ours was remote and private...had a hot tub on the deck. It was lovely to sit in the hot tub in the early morning and watch the fog evaporate off the mountains. A lovely trip. I would LOVE to do it again.