Thursday, September 09, 2010

Stuff I've Been Up To

School started this week, and I'm not there! It felt funny and weird, but I'm adjusting. I've been busy sewing and doing various household and church tasks and family stuff. Life is busy, even without a full-time job! The only thing I haven't had much time for lately is reading.

green scraps and APPLES, in progress for Wrap-a-Smile

A while back I was given a box of fabrics to use for charity quilting. They were ALL apple fabrics. Red apples, green apples, apples on black, apples on white.. you name it, they were in the box. I've been using them mostly for quilt backs. I'm tired of apples! But I still have several pieces to use... it was nice to get free fabric! But I hope next time there is a little more variety. Uffda.. I have apples coming out my ears.

Lotto blocks that I won.. haven't had time to sew them together yet, but here's my start at a plan.

another quilt in the works.. columns are made, but not yet sewn together. The mess on the table is my cleaning-in-progress.. trying to organize things into bins and whatnot. Big job.

All our appliances are aging and slumping at once.. this week we got new washer, dryer, and dishwasher! It's fun! I especially like the washer/dryer, well.. because the dishwasher isn't working yet.. hubby needs to buy a new hose or something. So I don't yet know how great it is. I'm looking forward to how quiet it will be.

school supplies for UMCOR that we collected at church.. I went in and organized them into kits. They'll be sent to children around the world

a little collection bank I set up at church - to raise funds for a project in our area that helps women transition out of homelessness

Last night we had dinner at hubby's parents' place.. with a cousin from another state. She and her husband were visiting - last time hubby and cousin saw each other was 1988. It was a nice evening.

P.S. Are you still reading? Then I'll tell you that today I finished the binding on the quilt for Kandee, and tomorrow I will give it to our delivery person!


crazypatch dreamer said...

I like the crumb quilt using all the same color fabric....makes it look less chaotic somehow. Now that I haven't been working for a few years, I wonder how I could have gotten so much done before! Better time management, I think.

quiltmom said...

I love your apple scrap quilt- Carol and the blocks that look like astrisk
stars are very funky.
I am sure that you thought that you would be busy in your retirement- you just didn't know how busy you could possibly be!
Terrific that you gathered school supplies- we are fortunate that we get some tools for schools for our families in need.
Happy quilting and reading ( when you get a chance).

Clare said...
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Clare said...

Your life is a positive whirl wind! I quite like the sound of the apple fabrics, but I hear what you say.

We replaced our dishwasher 2 yezrs ago and the new one is so quiet I have to look at the lights to make sure it's on.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

You are such a good role moodel for what retirement can look like - days so full of the things you love witht he people you love that you run out of time to do them (like reading). I was a little happy to see you are slowing down on your reading - it may give me some time to catch up on the challenge!

Anonymous said...

I suppose you don't want to be invited out for apple pie, either, after all the apple fabric? But I see that you have only a couple books left in your reading challenge! Way to go@

AnnieO said...

You're keeping up a great pace on your chosen areas of busy-ness, Carol! I love seeing all the quilty fun. The house collection box is really cute and sure to draw attention.

P.S. Yay for Kandee's quilt!