Sunday, September 05, 2010

Books -- Important Vacation Companions

one of the dish cloths I made while on vacation.. here it is in progress while I take a knitting break

Charles and I did a lot of reading while we were on vacation. I read four books, and Charles read two. I also made three knitted dish cloths and started a fourth!

Are you curious about the books? Here are my short reviews:
Addition by Toni Jordan - (Kindle edition) I loved this book! It is about a woman with Obsessive Compulsvie Disorder who counts everything. It's sweet, touching, funny, and memorable.

Celestial Navigation by Anne Tyler - (a library book) It was interesting but full of odd characters. Some of them sort of gave me the creeps, a little bit. Still, aren't we all a little odd? They were believable characters in their oddities.

K by Mary Roberts Rinehart - (Kindle edition, free) It was pure entertainment, in my opinion. Nothing really redeeming about it, but an OK story line. It takes place back in the early 1900's when women were second class citizens, and did that ever show! If you can let that not bother you, it'll at least entertain you, and the price was right.

When Christians Get It Wrong by Adam Hamilton - (Kindle edition) It's a series of sermons he prepared for his local church, and as the book goes along it gets more and more challenging to think about what we believe, how we should act on our beliefs, etc. It's a good book which I would like people in my church to read and study. Apparently there are study guides and DVDs available (or podcasts).

Charles read Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese and Ford County by John Grisham. He liked the Verghese book and not the Grisham one so much, although Grisham is usually more the type of book he reads. This one was short stories, and he wasn't too impressed.

Since I got home I've been doing a lot of sewing. Some time I will set that aside and get back to the next book I have started. It's a good one.

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