Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tornado Damage

This summer has been very stormy! We had multiple tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings. Several tornadoes did massive damage in various towns around the state.

In late July I drove through the town of Wadena. They'd suffered significant tornado damage in mid-June. I promised to share some photos, and then I forgot.. so I'm finally getting caught up to my promise.

There were many homes wrecked by the tornado, but I didn't want to invade the privacy of people I saw who were hauling things away from their houses, so I didn't venture further into those areas.

Instead I focused on the high school which was totally destroyed. Most of the roof was torn off, and the entire building is completely wrecked. It'll be torn down soon; students this year will have to attend classes in a variety of other buildings around the area until a new school can be built. They lost all their books, supplies, uniforms, band instruments - everything! What a mess!

Wadena is a town that is not far from my home town; we used to drive through on the way to our lake cabin. So I had an interest in seeing it and went a bit out of my way to take a look and get these pictures. I wish them good luck in getting the school and town re-built! And I hope next year is much quieter with lots fewer storms!


Jill said...

One of my college roommates lives in Wadena. The tornado literally skipped destroying her home by just a few feet. They had some damage, but all was reparable. So scary!

Elaine Adair said...

Oh my - so sad - what a mess!