Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stuff I've Been Working On

I'm doing several projects in greens. I guess I have a lot of green scraps. These first blocks are what I'm doing when I give myself 15 minutes of play (see the button on my sidebar). We are "making fabric" in daily 15 minute play times. Fun!

Then I'm working on the 9-patch project. The goal is to make one 9-patch block per day all summer long. I made my June quota and used most of them to make this quilt which I donated for layette kits when I was at Rosebud:

I started my July 9-patches in greens, and decided to make them 9-inch blocks instead of six-inch. I am still contemplating if that was a wise choice. I really love the small sixies 9patchers, and they whip up so quickly. In August I might go back to six inchers.

This is a quilt I made for Wrap Them in Love. Most of the fabric came from Ellen's mother. I found this pattern somewhere on the net. It's called Cher's Garage Floor. I think I remember that correctly. It is good for large prints and was easy and quick, so I will probably make it again. This picture looks kind of small, but the quilt measures 40" x 60". The large squares are 12-inch, the green are 8, and the small squares are 4-inchers.

This is a cheater quilt that I made for Wrap a Smile. I mean, really a cheater.. it was already quilted on the bolt. All I did was square it up and add the binding. I bought it because it was marked way down, and I thought, "well hey, it's a quilt, isn't it?!" It'll keep someone warm. I know, because I took a nap under it the other day.

This one is made from 5-inch squares. It's headed to Wrap a Smile.

This is also Wrap-a-Smile bound. This was made following Leslie's challenge.. to use little scraps from our scrap bin and not just make our usual crumb blocks. So here is mine.. the yellows are actually from my stash, but all the blues were in my scrap bin.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Love your new blog header and look. And your 15 minutes have made some fabulous quilts! But I miss being able to come here via the libquilters web ring! Were you just in too many groups? In any case, your projects are great fun, as always Carol!

Anonymous said...


AnnieO said...

How pleasing that you are spending your just-retired days sewing and quilting for charity. I hope it is warming your soul as it is warming other folks!

Leanne said...

Do you have to use bias binding on the quilts with rounded corners? surely are cute! What nice work you do!

Anonymous said...

I learn a little bit more about quilting each time I check your blog. I never heard the term 'crumb blocks' before. It's interesting to find a bit of something new each time I visit.