Monday, April 11, 2016

Want a Quilt Top from the 1930s?

A friend at church gave me a quilt top made by her grandmother in the 1930s. Yes! GAVE it to me! She said I could do whatever I want with it.

Well, on the same day at church we had a speaker who worked as a doctor/missionary in Africa for 52 years! He is now 95 years old. He is still supporting his mission in Sierra Leone. He helped create an eye hospital there: Kissy UMC Eye Hospital. When he was 94 he felt the need to go back to Sierra Leone in the midst of the ebola epidemic to help care for the people of Sierra Leone. He and other doctors discovered that the ebola virus stays in the eye and can lead to blindness, even after recovering from ebola. This discovery is making a big difference around the world. He also told us that donations to the hospital are down and are having an effect on what they can provide.

Therefore... the quilt and the eye hospital come together. I am offering this beautiful quilt top for sale!

Hand sewn in the 1930s.
Made by my friend's grandmother in Wisconsin. (I will provide the maker's name to the winner of this quilt.)
It measures 75" by 101".
Obviously, it is only a top - is not yet quilted.

This quilt top goes to the highest bidder.... AND the money you pay will be donated 100% to the Kissy UMC Eye Hospital.

If you want this quilt, leave a bid right here in the comments, OR send me a private e-mail at merryhands[at]gmail[dot]com. I will accept bids until midnight Central time May 10, 2016. Watch the blog; I will periodically post what the highest current bid is. If I have to ship the quilt top, I will ask the buyer to pay $5 for shipping. I am willing to ship it anywhere in the world. If you are bidding from outside the USA, you can pay me through Pay Pal.

Once the highest bidder is announced and wins the quilt top, I will wait until payment arrives, then I will ship it, and this beautiful vintage quilt top CAN BE YOURS!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, start the bidding!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and I love the route you are taking to rehome it. I have one that was given to me like it, but it's in blocks waiting to be connected. It's in the green border that was so common, I've never seen it in the tangerine you have.

BrendaLou said...

Someone has to start the bidding! I start at $25. Great quilt, great cause. Thanks for your generosity Carol.