Monday, April 18, 2016

21 Years of Quilt Shows

My local quilt guild has been doing annual quilt shows for 21 years! I have been around for about 15 of those shows. This year I put 17 quilts in the show!! Many of them were small, which is how I managed. I thought I might be the "top" contributor, in numbers anyway, but another woman put in 19. Yay, us!

Our speaker this year was Gudrun Erla, originally from Iceland, now a resident of Minnesota. She showed us lots of lovely quilts and had books, patterns, and her famous Stripology Ruler for sale. All of the pictures I am posting today are from Gudrun's trunk show. I will show you quilts entered in our show in another post.

Below, that is Gudrun on the right.

Gudrun's pattern, and the one I made in 2013 using the same pattern. I gave mine to my pal in Czech Republic.

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Anonymous said...

Lots of squares in that bottom quilt. Love yours!