Saturday, April 16, 2016

It's High Time I Send This to Claire

Way back last October I posted a question and promised a charm pack to the person who guessed most closely to the date that I completed a task (some time in the future from that day in October). I had asked when you thought I would complete machine quilting seven tops that I had on hand and wanted to get done.

Many of you were way too kind, thinking I'm organized and efficient. You guessed way too quickly of a turnaround for what the real me can do.

Claire guessed the furthest into the future, so she wins the charm pack. I ended up finishing about five of the seven, I believe (just recently). Then I became overwhelmed and mailed the last two, along with others, to various destinations and let them worry about finishing the quilting. My apologies to the charities to whom I sent my undone work. But, to me it was a huge relief to get them out of my house.

When they pile up, I get stressed and overwhelmed. I'm not good at quick turnaround when it comes to machine quilting.

So there you have it. Claire gets a little package that will be coming soon. I hope you like these fabrics, Claire. I think they're quite cute.

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Anonymous said...

That's too funny, Carol. Can't wait to see the package. Thanks.