Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I got involved in politics when I was in college. I campaigned for a local guy running for Senate, and I did a little campaign work for the presidential race in 1972. I was very idealistic then and thought everyone should agree with my political opinions. It was a shock for me when my college roommate and I were supporting the opposite sides in the presidential race. It bothered me so much that I considered moving out and/or getting a different roommate. Luckily, the election came and went just in time, and we could put aside those differences and go back to living our normal, friendly lives.

Over the years I became less idealistic. I realized there was a real world out there with complicated reasons for people to believe differently than I did.

Then, as the years piled on, politics started to make me sick. There were years in the relatively recent past, when our president at the time bothered me so much, I had to stop listening to radio and TV news just to keep my sanity.

Now it's 2016 and the world of politics in America is even worse. I can't believe how polarized and mean our politics have become. And Congress? Don't get me started! I can't stand to listen to too much of the news. Again, I find myself turning it off just to keep my sanity. I am very proud of my adult daughter who is going to be a state delegate to one of the conventions. Back in the old days I would not have predicted that she would become interested in politics. I am proud of her for taking it on and making her stand.

I have added a Hillary button to my sidebar. I am going to try hard to say very little about politics this year. When Obama was running, I got on my soap box a few too many times. This time around, you see my feelings in the sidebar, and I hope that's it. Now that I'm old, I realize that even some of my friends disagree with me. Back in those college days, when I almost abandoned my roommate, I thought all my friends had to think the same as I did.

I'm still a little bit interested in politics. After all, those who are elected have a lot to do with our daily lives, and I think it's very important to understand what is happening and keep up with the news. But not beyond the point of making one start to feel angry with the whole mess. So this time I am putting up the sidebar photo to say my piece. And that's probably all I will do (other than vote, of course).

Wherever you are, I hope you are happy and enjoying your day, and that the news and/or politics will not make you sick!


joe tulips said...

Don't get me started. We are polar opposites on the politics. And that's all ill say!

Leanne said...

I try to watch C-Span,thinking that is more bi-partisan. But the money factor for both parties makes me ill, too. It will be interesting to be standing in that voting booth this year.