Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Quilt Show

I finally had time to visit my guild's quilt show, for a good, long look at all the quilts. As usual, there are some beauties! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:

as seen from above:
and then from floor level:

The first 9 are all by Sunny K! Plus the cat one in the background (second picture) is also one of hers.

These two are by Nancy B.:

I think these two are both by Nanette S., although I'm not positive about the second one.

By Mary Lee S.; the second photo is a detail of the first.

These are by Sally M., although the first one was a group effort - a bunch of people made the blocks, and Sally put it all together beautifully. And in the 3rd photo, top left is by Sunny K., orange on right is by Sally M., bottom small one is by me.

Three by me. In the 3rd photo, mine is on the right. I can't remember who made the one on the left.

One that I loved, but can't remember who made it:

This one is by Kathy L, with a funny story about how people told her it was ugly when she got the top done! They were wrong. It's lovely.

And the last one, not a quilt at all. Remember, Prince died recently, and he was from Minnesota. People around here are heavy-hearted. Here's a Prince-related display at the museum. The shirt says "by the artist formerly known as Felix the Cat"


BrendaLou said...

Thanks so much for posting....since (boo hoo) I didn't make it back to MN for the show. Such talent! Next year let's do lunch and the show! Deal?

Quiltdivajulie said...

I like the way the quilts were hung ...

Geri said...

Beautiful show, hoping I can get to see it in person,