Saturday, April 11, 2015

Quilt Show is Up!

Today my local guild hung our quilt show. I was slow to get moving this morning and only got there in time for lunch, and they were already done! So I got to eat lunch and enjoy strolling through the display of lovely quilts. Here are pictures of my quilts (I only entered four small quilts this year) along with five community service quilts that are on display to "advertise" our community service work.

Photo one, below: my table runner made from fabrics that a friend purchased for me in Paris, France.
Photo two, below: my three other small quilts, plus a nativity quilt made by a friend. We purchased the nativity buttons at the same time and challenged each other to create a nativity scene quilt.
The rest are community service quilts.

Here is Jeannette who helped register the quilts as they arrived. I thought I'd show you the piles to tantalize you.. you'll see some of these other beautiful quilts in a future post.

Go here to get information about our show dates, place, and times.


goodnightgram said...

Where did you get the Nativity buttons? What a sweet project to use them in a quilt. I will have to check out the show. Thanks for sharing.

knitnkwilt said...

Wish I was closer to you and could come to the show. Looking forward to your photos of it.
Love the colors in the table runner.