Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Little Bit of Knitting

Here is a knit panel that I completed. A member of our yarn group at church has cancer, so we each quickly made her panels which we will sew together to make a prayer shawl for her. When it gets completed I will show you a photo of the whole shawl.

Today I worked at the little store that we run during the quilt show. One of our display units had collapsed yesterday. No one saw it happen, and the viewers claim they didn't touch anything, but ... how else would it have fallen? Never mind, though. I sent out an e-mail distress call and a few people showed up. We had to be the Tool Gals for the day. Luckily one person there knew what she was doing. I would have been lost without her. It must have taken a good hour to get that back up. I'm happy to say our show is once again complete. Just don't breathe too hard on some of those displays, please! *smile*

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