Monday, April 27, 2015

Party Animal

I'm a party animal!! No, I'm not. Last week three of us got together to celebrate HH's birthday. We ate and talked. That's about as partyish as I get.

Then I went to a bell choir "party" (concert) at my cousin's church. Her son is in the bell choir there. I was amazed at how many bell groups they have, and the amazing array of bells, both large and small. It was a good concert.

I loved this woman's hat. She was wearing an outfit from Chile.

Next party, a trip out of town to visit my mom. We took her out for lunch. My two cousins and I got a tour of the new high school in town. It's beautiful. FAR better than the "cardboard box" I went to in that town, a hundred years ago. I made a small contribution to the building fund and got my name on the contributors' wall!

Spring has sprung, and so have my allergies. I'll be fine soon enough.

P.S. My mom is doing well. My mother-in-law had to stay in the hospital many days longer than she wanted to, until they were satisfied with some number they were measuring in her blood. She's home now, finally. Yay!

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BrendaLou said...

I love the contributors wall! looks great. Glad to hear the Moms (MIL and MOM) are both doing well.