Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Outdoorsy Saturday

Saturday was an outdoorsy day for me. First I went to the site of a Monster Dash run. Daughter was running the 10-mile race. Son-in-law ran the half marathon. I stayed for a little over two hours. Saw Son-in-law; he waved. I didn't see him in time to get a picture. Waited to see Daughter. I finally realized I was standing in the wrong place to see her. The ten-mile finish line was in a different place. Oh, well, it was a beautiful day, though a bit chilly. I was glad I had bundled up in wool sweater, layers of hats, and my winter boots.

Next, I headed to church where I dressed up as a bed and participated in the Trunk 'n Treat we hosted for the neighborhood and for our church kids. I couldn't use my trunk as it's in the shop for repairs, so I just used a table.

Here's an idea of how a Trunk 'n Treat trunk should look:

I had a craft item for the kids to participate in if they chose to. Almost every kid wanted to and found it fun. I was so pleased! Some kids even came back to make a second one. They made "quilts"... 2.5" squares glued onto a grid that I printed on cardstock. Some used markers, but most used the fabric squares. Some worked really hard on theirs, a few rushed through but still enjoyed it. I very much enjoyed watching them, and I took pictures of each kid with their quilts. I will share them with you here, for the joy of having had fun with the energy of all those kids! (The first little guy was a tad too young for my craft activity.. isn't he so cute??)

After all that time outside on a windy, chilly day, I was pretty well chilled to the bone, though strangely I didn't feel cold. At home I warmed up my bones and took a little nap. Husband had spent the same amount of time at his parents' house, helping them re-organize some stuff in their storage room. We got home at the same time and both napped.

Happy Halloween!

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