Thursday, October 17, 2013

After the Vacation -- Back to Business

Our trip to Europe has come and gone. We returned home and found it hard to get our brains back to the mundane stuff we have to do on a daily basis. First, we suffered from jet lag for a couple of days. Second, I guess you could almost call it culture shock. I know after only 10 or 11 days it's hard to believe we'd experience culture shock, but it was almost like that.. it was nice to be back at our own home, but not as nice to give up all the daily adventures and excitement we'd had going for the previous couple of weeks.

I had not been at my job for over two weeks and was afraid I'd forgotten how to do it. I have to do a lot of manipulating of computer/techy stuff to do my job, and I thought I'd be like a newbie all over again. Thankfully, I wasn't. It all came back to me as soon as I sat down at my station. It was even fun to get back to work, but in the evenings I found myself feeling a little blue. I just couldn't find my "direction," and have barely even done any sewing since before our trip.

Hubby, on the other hand, was a little more jet-lagged than I, but has been happily working on his online business, which is selling add-ons to Revit programs (used by architects and engineers). This only went live very recently, and so even having a customer at all is exciting. He now has sold several and is happy that he's off to a good start. One customer does Revit trainings where he works, and he You-Tubes his trainings. This recent one is highlighting an add-on made by Hubby, and gives Hubby some great kudos for how well the program works.

If you're curious, take a look at it, here: ... to me it didn't mean a whole lot, as I'm not an architect or an engineer, except that he praises my hubby's work, which is very fun to hear.

I have managed to make these blocks, which are for Margaret's Hope Chest. I hope to get my sewing mojo back very soon. After all, I'm slowly getting back to my American self and realizing that I'm not European any more.

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