Monday, October 14, 2013

Europe -- Day 7

Day 7 we woke up in Paris! We stayed with friends, S and A, who have an apartment there for two months. What a nice perk for us. They'd already been there long enough to learn the Metro subway system. Getting around was easy. First thing we did was walk to the nearby Boulangerie and buy baguettes and other yummy treats for breakfast. Baguette, cheese or jam, and tea... a perfect French breakfast.

A twice/week market was in the neighborhood, so we headed there first. What fun! I majored in French in college, about 400 years ago. My old memories started coming back, and I got to speak French to the market vendors! It was so much fun! If they responded in French, I usually understood them. Sometimes when I asked questions in French, they'd answer in English. No matter - it was VERY fun to try to use my French skills. When I carried on a conversation in French, I felt THRILLED. Totally fun! I bought two scarves and a hat at the market, partly because it was just so much fun to speak French.

After the market we headed to the area of the Louvre; original plan was to go into the Musee d'Orsee, but we decided it was too gorgeous a day. We preferred to stay outside, walk along Champs Elysee, go to l'Arc de Triomphe, and just look around and take in the sites. It was a wonderful day!

Beautiful Tulleries Gardens, a great place to read a book or take a snooze, a gorgeous area of the city.

Yummy lunch at a little sidewalk café, of course! What else would one do in Paris on a beautiful day?

fabric shopping, Sacre Coeur

The end of a great day in Paris.. our apartment was about two blocks from this view of the Eiffel Tower! Magnifique!

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