Friday, March 02, 2012

This Guy Loves My Quilts

There is one guy in my life who LOVES my quilts. He can barely take a nap without using one of my quilts. He hangs around while I'm making them and adds his opinions, which usually don't make any sense, so I just ignore him. He has a quilt of his own, which he loves, but he seems to love all the others that I use, too. If I take a nap using one of my quilts, he has to come around and hang out with me. He is my biggest fan, and I'm happy to have at least one huge fan who loves all my quilts, ugly or not. Here is my biggest fan, sleeping sweetly on one of my quilts:

Isn't he sweet? Especially while sleeping. On a quilt. Not annoying or biting me. I wish my hubby would be half the fan that the cat is, but I'm just thankful to have one avid fan.

Look at this great fabric! Giraffes! I'm tempted just to hang it on the wall, without even cutting into it. I'll have to see if inspiration hits.

I made another small quiltie for Rosbud Reservation. I finished the previous six, which I showed you before (two of them are below, all done). The box they're in could fit one more, so here it is. I'll send these 7 quilties to Rosebud this week.


Tubaville Quilts said...

Aww, cute kitty.

Sarah said...

Would love to know who makes the giraffe fabric. It's nice to have a fan, huh??!!

BrendaLou said...

bless you for making the quilts for Rosebud! I have two kitties that "help" me quilt and love to take advantage of them.

Anonymous said...

I think that cat is very smart. And I love the giraffe fabric. That's awesome.