Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Lost Shall be Found

I hope this Found Quilt will be returned to its owner from whom it has been separated... do you know anyone in Okalahoma who might be missing this quilt? It was found a year ago, in May 2011 in Oklahoma after tornadoes ripped through the area. It is being held at the Piedmont Service Center.

It makes my heart sad to see this quilt being orphaned. It was made with love by "Grammie" and includes names of 20 girls stitched in each block.. did Grammie have 20 granddaughters? Daughters and granddaughters? This was a quilt made with love for someone special. I hope some day we will hear that it is reunited with its owner.

Here is a link to the details:

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Sextant said...

Very much a heart breaking story. One looks at the tag and it feels like you have invaded someone's privacy.

Hope the owner can be found.