Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Quilt Show, My First Visit

Today was Day One of our quilt show, and I could hardly wait to go see it. Since I was busy on hanging-day, I hadn't seen any of it yet. It was so much fun to wander through and get my first look! Such beautiful quilts! Every year I attend the show at least three times, because I can't take it all in on just one visit. I'll be there again this Saturday with my knitting group. Can't wait! Here are some pictures to share with you. Enjoy the show!

entrance to the show.. other than the "title" quilt above, mine is the first quilt you see!

another look at it

someone is making Amish reproductions, with modern quilting - gorgeous!

quilt on the left is by Sandi Irish; she calls it the 'prettiest quilt I have ever made.'

This one is also by Sandi Irish; it will appear in Quilt Magazine in either June/July issue or Aug/Sept issue 2012!

recognize this one?? I've shown it to you just a few times before (sheepish grin)


Patricia said...

Your quilts are beautiful! Are you going to enter them in Paducah AQS? Please do so I can see them in person!

goodnightgram said...

Oh you're so funny! I love how you snuck in one last glimpse of your masterpiece at the end of the post. You deserve it. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing a llok at what others have done as well. I just love to look at quilting!

AnnieO said...

Masterpieces indeed bracketing your post! How fun to have your quilt be the first people will see upon entering. Lots of wonderful variety of quilts at this show. Enjoy all your visits!

BrendaLou said...

I wish I could see the show this year. Maybe next year. Your quilts are stunning (as are the others.