Thursday, December 01, 2011

Quilt Distributions

Victoria and Bumble Beans BASICS distributed quilts to people transitioning out of homelessness. It took place this morning in New York City! She didn't reach the goal of 400 quilts by Thanksgiving, but got about 200 which is wonderful... and so she is still asking for completed quilts.

Here are a couple pictures from today's distribution. Don't the people look so happy?? You could make someone happy, too, by donating a completed quilt to someone in celebration of their new home. Just check out the Bumble Beans website, here. You'll get the info you need AND will see more of the distribution pictures.

all these beauties were donated!

proof that quilts = love!

this picture is just the BEST! Too cute.

A couple of quilts were distributed to me recently! Well.. I am borrowing them ever so briefly. A friend of mine let me take them so I can show them at my guild and perhaps get some info and/or advice on getting the first one completed. Her mother died recently, and my friend has been finding treasures as she goes through the house. I fell in love with these!

Which of you clever readers can tell me your estimate of the age of these quilts, judging by the fabric? The one with green I guessed is from the 30s and the other from the 40s, but I don't feel confident in this arena. Are you an expert? Tell me what you think!


BrendaLou said...

Love the quilt distribution pics!!!!

Without actually seeing more of the blocks of your Improved Nine Patch quilt (with the green "melons") here is my take on the quilt. The inner blocks look to be 1870's-1910. The green "could" be from that period to. It was used a lot in 1930's but was around earlier too. It may be that the inner blocks were pieced earlier and the quilt finished in the 20' or 30's. The Zig Zag quilt actually looks as modern as today! But I think it was made in the 40's or 50's. i've never seen one patterned just like it before. What trasures.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Interesting! I don't know anything about dating quilts, but my guess was similar to what BrendaLou mnetioned, though not as specific. I used the quilts I saw at my gram's house as a gauge and I thought the second one was too modern for her era. Fun! Love the photo of the little girl, too. So many ways we can still helpo each other, eh?