Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Adjusting to My Life

me with my friend, L., from way back.. see previous post

December has been a busy month. I found that I gave myself too many work hours. Managing my new job is still a work in progress. I really love my new job!! But I need to figure out what will work best for me in my semi-retired life. It is still, and may always be, a high-intensity job. I have found that I can work four straight hours, but anything more than that is too strenuous for my brain and my body. Also, I don't like going in every day. So I'm making some alterations in the hours I request for future weeks and months.

Charles is working hard at his two contract jobs. He feels that his job at one of them is to do the best he can so that they love his work and want him to stay on permanently. So far they love his work, but he doesn't know if the wheels are in motion to keep him on. We sure hope so!

His paychecks are on a super-lag basis, so he has some good income stored up somewhere, just not yet in our bank. It's tough waiting, especially at this time of year! Eventually we'll catch up.

Last Sunday I went to a concert of the Twin Cities Womens Choir. It was beautiful! I know several people in the choir, including my ex-DIL. I thought I'd be OK, but the minute I saw her walk in I started to cry! I guess my wound is still too raw. I'll have to take care not to put myself in that sort of situation for a while, 'til I know I'm better healed.

Son's divorce was final in mid-November. Sad, sad, sad. I still feel like it's not real and is unbelievable. He's content so I use that to help me feel OK about it all.

Are you done Christmas shopping? I am! Just waiting for a couple of items to arrive in the mail, and then I'll be ready to get everything wrapped and under the tree. Happy Holidays, everyone!

at my crafting group gathering.. sorting through a bunch of yarn that was donated

cuties at our church Christmas pageant


AnnieO said...

Nice photo of you and your childhood friend! How great that you have reconnected. I have a friend I met at age almost 5 when we moved into her neighborhood--we have been in contact the whole time, lucky us, but don't see each other more than maybe once a year.

Adjustments to life never seem to end, do they? I thought this was going to be a less stressful year now that my kids are grown, but it was one of the MOST stressful for so many reasons. Good luck on navigating the changes, good and bad.

Sextant said...

I am glad that your new job is working out for you and that will be great if you can adjust your hours. Hope hubby gets hired full time. Strange how money can be so illusive!

How is your son doing out in LA?

Anonymous said...

TOugh job, being a mother, isn't it. We have to deal with their emotions . . . and our emotions about their lives. I'm sad that you were sad. But I understand.