Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Minnesota Safari

Last summer I went on a Minnesota safari (OK, I was driving along the freeway, on my way to visit my mom). I stopped in at Aunt Annie's Quilts in Avon, Minnesota... a tiny town with the best-ever quilt shop. The owner, Lucy, is a gifted artist. She had some samples for sale, and I decided to splurge and buy one for myself.

All I did to this beautiful quilt was add the outside, black border. Then I took it to my favorite machine quilter, Diane S., and she did a fabulous job of quilting it. I just picked it up this afternoon. It is now an even more gorgeous quilt than ever! Don't you agree??

I call it Minnesota Safari for the animal- and safari-related fabrics, and due to my traveling the roads of Minnesota which resulted in me obtaining this wonderful quilt. I feel so lucky to own this.. it's beautifully pieced by Lucy and beautifully quilted by Diane (both superb artists), so I'm very pleased that this quilt is mine. It's truly a work of art!


Pattilou said...

It's gorgeous! My kind of quilt!!! The one's responsible for its creation really are gifted. Congrats to you for splurging on yourself!

Sextant said...

BTW, you got your heart blessed today. My mother-in-law showed my sister-in-law the watermelon lunch bag resulting in our collective hearts being blessed.

That bag is worth its weight in gold for browny points, I should send you more money.

AnnieO said...

Superb is the word! What a great trophy from your Minnesota Safari :)

Linda C said...

Carol, how beautiful and what a find!! Do you happen to know the pattern source?? It kind of reminds of one the Terry Atkinson patterns that I am itching to do---Monterrey Medallion.

With the jungle theme and I am guessing giraffes on there, this is right up your alley!